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Look behind the toilet seat.  A name or logo should be stamped on the china bowl where the tank connects to the toilet bowl.  Behind the toilet seat there should be a name or logo listed, between the toilet seat hinges.  This will tell you the manufacturer of your toilet.  Proceed to step 2 to find your model number to order replacement parts.

To find the model number, remove the china tank lid and look into the tank.  At the water level in the tank at the back, there should be a manufacturers name and model number.  It will be at the water level and have several numbers (date of manufacturer, model number, manufacturers name, etc...)  All those numbers are important and need to be readily available to help identify not only the manufacturer of the toilet, but the model number as well.  The model number is critical when ordering replacement parts.

If the above steps still have you baffled, look at the underside of the toilet tank lid.  This should give you a manufacturer name and model code of the lid.  This number will only help you identify the brand of toilet.  This number is not to be used for identifying your model number or finding parts for your toilet.  Manufacturers use the same tank lid on many different model toilets which makes the lid number useless when trying to identify your model number and find parts for your toilet.

If you've gone through the above steps and still cannot find the manufacturer AND model number, take a picture of the inside of your toilet tank and e-mail or U.S. Mail the picture to us.  Please be sure you include your name, phone number, & return e-mail or street address.  We will identify your toilet manufacturer and model number for you and either e-mail or call you back with the information you need to order parts for your toilet.

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